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About me (Tarot Reader from Singapore)

Tarot-Reading-1Hello, I am a Tarot Reader from Singapore, a fairly extra-ordinary woman, born and bred in this little red dot otherwise known as Singapore. Like many of you out there, working full-time while finding means and ways to make her dreams come true!

I have long being interested in metaphysical stuff ever since I was young. Strongly influenced by my late Grandpa who was your typical neighbourhood, down-to-earth fortune teller!

Our path crossed in year 2004 and it was only in 2008 that I did my public virgin tarot reading. Never believe in playing guesswork, or fluff the readings. Always believing in providing honest and clear readings. I will lay the tarot cards, tap onto my intuition and read! If you want a direct, honest and intuitive reading, thats what I do and thats what I do well! Rest is really up to you the readers to make sense of it and make your own decisions. I always advise my querent that tarot readings ARE NOT casted on stones! Its all within the querent hands.

I started with Thursday Tarot Website because I love tarot and happen to like Thursday because it is almost towards the end of the week. Importantly, I love to read tarot for people and love to share this journey with many others out there who would be keen to hopby and listen.

One of my life motto has been life is a continuous ever learning journey and one can only learn when one is willingly to share with the universe out there.

My Tarot Philosophy I have never been a scholar or one of those that would read all books and memorise all the card meanings. Not quite my style when i do reading.

On the contrary, I am quite a free flow person. Dont really quite like being bogged down by structure or system. Love to experiment or explore ways that i will be comfortable in.

I dont really read with tarot card spreads as i feel very blocked by it and normally, I will encourage the querent to allow the tarot cards to show and tell what should be main focus in the life at that particular moment for them to ponder about. It is not that i discourage questions being asked but rather, i always find that when one does that, the outcomes will always be tune towards what the querent desire to “hear”.

You can call me a “easy going” go with the flow intuitive” Singapore tarot practitioner that would rather let the cards revealed itself!

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