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101 Tarot Superstitions

So, what are the common 101 Tarot Superstitions?

1. You have to be given your 1st deck of cards as a gift or that they have to be handed down from someone.

My Say: These days, there are so many tarot decks to choose from.  Worst is receiving one tarot deck that doesn’t sync with you.  It will be a shame not to use it.  It is ok to buy yourself, your very first deck since there this so many to choose from.  One that you can sync with and have fun with.  If it is a hand me down deck, and happen that you  do “like” it, just pass them over incense smoke, say a short “prayer” or use a “gong” from a singing bowl to clear any negative energies.

2. You shouldnt let other people handle your deck.

My Say: Other than i hand my deck to client to shuffle prior to a reading, i do not allow my friends to handle my deck.  I do get pretty uneasy when that happen. Reason being,  i felt my “personal space” has been invaded.  To me personally, my deck is like the extended part of me, a soul mate. Occasionally, I do have friends who request i read using their deck.  Neither do i find it comfortable nor can i establish a “base” with it.  It can be rather intimidating.  However, when that happen, say a little prayer, ask for permission before you proceed.

3. You should always wrap your tarot cards in  silk cloth and keep them in a wooden box.

My Say: Well, todate, i have kept my deck in a cotton pouch or DIY crochet pouch. Not quite bothering about wrapping them in silk cloth or keeping it in a wooden box.  Most of my reading of if there is any, are all done in a cafe. I cant be bringing them in a box out with me.  Personally, i think, it is really up to each individual and really depend where the reading will be held.

4. You must sleep with them under your pillow at night and carry them around with you in the daytime to attune them to your energy.

My Say: It is important to get acquaintance with the images during the day or looking at them before you sleep.  So that at least, it could trigger some insightful dreams or thoughts throughout the day.  If like me with tons of decks, it will be simply impossible to sleep or too heavy to lug them around.

5. It is unlucky to read the cards for yourself.

My Say: It is sometimes hard to be honest or to be objective when reading for onself.  We can be “too close for comfort” or like a famous saying “A dog going round and round chasing its own tail” to be able to see things from a 3rd person point of view. As a reader or someone who is reading for self, has to acknowledge it and make an allowance.  You can get good insight and really, it is up to one, to honestly and objectively view the reading and gain from it.  Lucky or unlucky, it really depend on each individual definition.  It should be define as – Are you able to objectively read the cards? and accept the cards honestly.

There might be more superstitions!  List can goes on…. do share with me if you come across any. I can add them on to the list.

To me, personally, it is really up to each individual to decide, to execute their own judgement, which is superstitious, which is common sense.  Do not follow beliefs and superstitions blindly.



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